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We have a simple, well defined, process​​


We find opportunities within the market which meet our minimum return level

The investment area and planned exits are researched extensively to meet our criteria

Bathroom and and shower

All deals are financially stress tested to reflect the worst case scenario

We only raise funds when we have a suitable deal in the pipeline

Payment & Interest

We agree payment terms with you before you commit to the investment

Your interest is paid to you on your own terms – quarterly, every 6 months, yearly etc…

Living space and kitchen

At the end of the investment period your your capital is reinvested in another opportunity to continue making interest, unless you choose to have it returned along with any outstanding interest

Courtyard and garden

Important Things To Know

Investments with us are made using a loan agreement. Unlike investing in the stock market this means that the return you get is guaranteed and not dependent on our performance in the market. You will know what interest you are getting from the outset.

Security on offer is dependent on the size of the investment. For large amounts we are able to offer a charge on property which means that if all else fails the property could be sold and the investor with the charge gets their money back before anyone else. This is the highest level of security possible and is used by banks when they give you a mortgage on a property.


For all other amounts we offer personal guarantees. This is a contract which holds us, as individuals, personally responsible for any outstanding funds or interest payments regardless of the solvency of the company. Ultimately in the unlikely event of a worst-case scenario the guarantors would remain personally liable for your money until it was repaid.


All investment needs to have AML (anti money laundering) checks done. This involves proving your identity and the source of funds being invested in us. We are able to do this ourselves, or we can use a third party if you prefer.

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